I am an animator at Meditech Communications, Inc.

My Latest Work

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  • Bed Bugs From Outter Space

    A quick animation that Joel and I did for fun at Meditech, Communications Inc. I crea

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  • Submit to Render Farm

    Here I created a script to submit to the render farm for After effects.  Unlike the

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  • Osteoblast

    Here is an Osteoblast inside a human body going to repair some bone.  I worked with

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Latest from the Blog

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  • Jeditech, Fighting cancer

    A fun little picture I made for a friday render.  Staring the animators at meditech. ...

  • Mi-Labels

    MI_Labels for use with Ambient Occlusion and Mental Ray can be annoying to always add a ne ...

  • Delete unknown nodes

    When Maya crashes, and saves a temporary .ma file to your temp folder, you try to open it ...

  • Welcome!

    This is my first post on my new website. I will be hopefully using this site more often to ...